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Congrasur has a capacity of more than 34,000 m2 of covered warehouses in the Port of Huelva, most of which are owned and the rest are long-term port concessions.  The location of these warehouses is between the port area, with an area of aprox. 12,000 m2, and the remaining 24,000 m2 are just located a few kilometres from the port in the town of Palos de la Frontera, just a few minutes from the main bulk handling facilities of  the port of Huelva.

The divisions in the warehouses allow us to offer our clients a space that is strictly adapted to their needs, from 900 m2 up to 4,750 m2, in completely open-plan modules, with the possibility of installing separator modules of 2 to 3.5 metres for the storage/separation of various different goods in each module.
Inside each warehouse, storage/stacking of the different bulk goods takes place, together with other available services such us:
a) Bagging, storage and loading of big bags onto platforms or containers by means of a loading ramp with a forklift prepared for this purpose.
b) Loading into tanks by means of conveyor belts, loading into bulk lorries.
c) Screening of various materials by means of mobile Powertrack 800 type screen.
d) Weighing of all incoming and outgoing goods on three different approved scales, calibrated and verified according to ENAC standards.
e) Blending/conditioning of various goods in general.
For all this, Congrasur has a wide range of VOLVO L110, L120, L150 and L180 loaders from 18 to 24 Tm of operating weight as well as 3 Tm YALE forklift trucks with double fork positioner for handling/storage/loading of big bags or palletised goods.

Congrasur has also a land concession of 9,000 m2 of uncovered storage area, where conditioning, blending, screening and handling of various goods can and has been carried out.


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