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Congrasur specializes in the loading of solid bulk cargoes onto ships, for which it has its own three mobile belt loaders with a loading rate of 1,000 to 1,200 tonnes per hour, even capable of operating PANAMAX type ships. One of our mobile belt loaders is adapted to loading of clean bulk cargoes by means of a lorry feeder. Congrasur has also been unloading both large-volume merchandise such as coke or phosphates, as well as others that require extremely careful handling, such as sodium carbonate. It also has ample experience and the means to load and unload general (non-palletized) or palletized merchandise.

Congrasur is a shareholder of Sociedad Estiba y Desestiba del Puerto de Huelva Sociedad Anónima de Gestión de Estibadores Portuarios (S.A.G.E.P), which allows it to adjust its offers as much as possible.

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